Monday, 16 March 2009

Stewart Lee

I will not say much except this:

Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle - Monday, 10pm, BBC2.

Tonight was the first one, it was about books, iplayer it, it was good. If I were to write about it, I would just be retelling hilarious jokes completely unhilariously.

The format is simple, it is essentially standup, think Russell Brand's 'Ponderland' (though Lee would probably kill me for ever daring to compare him with such a 'celebrity hardback' bestseller) in that it approaches a different subject each week, except it is funnier because he is funnier. It is also occasionally interspersed with little sketches to help strengthen a joke. I think they did, I thought they were very bloody funny.

I wonder, what's the point in writing anything here when I've nothing to complain about? It was beautiful, the talk on Harry Potter is basically what I've been saying for ages, only he's better, because he gets more annoyed and he has a better comeback.

Apparently there are six of these, each complaining about some other banal aspect of our everyday lives. Watch them, every single one because, to speak crudely, you will piss your pants.

This is terribly written I know, I'm too lazy to try harder, I give up, I feel powerless. I have already written too much and delayed any reader from watching it themselves.